The diversified and driving technology trends emerging in 2021 are artificial intelligence, 5G, internet of things (IoT), extended reality (XR), and automotive safety, Business automation and robotics, Enterprise risk management, Human experience and productivity, New computer architectures, Next-generation communications. AI is one of the biggest technology trends at the moment, and for 2021 it will become an even more valuable tool for helping us to interpret and understand the world around us. The volume of data we are collecting on healthcare is huge at this pandemic situation. Machine learning algorithms will become better informed and increasingly sophisticated in the solutions they uncover for us. We at Touchstone are pioneer in using AI driven technology and working to make human life better. More human activity will take place online – from shopping and socializing to virtual working environments, meetings. We have built our own system to interact with each other make life easier for human. Faster and more reliable internet is needed for new generation work and here comes the 5G we all are looking forward. Robotics will be a important part of human life and robotic devices to be used to provide new channels of communication, this will be an important trend in 2021. The rise of data platforms like Customer Data Platform (CDP) is seen in this year. CDPs will help to take care by gathering data from all sources. Touchstone will be a part of all these technology trends building application for better innovations of mankind.