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The Customer Experience (CX) Proposition

Our approach is personal rather than personalized

The Customer Experience (CX) Proposition and Suite of Offerings allows our clients to transform their relationships with their customers and create experiences which provide rapid and sustainable value, both for their end-customer and their own organization.

Our approach is personal rather than personalized. Empathizing as well as analyzing.

Putting You first, every time. We’re embracing humanity, sensitivity, and intuition to invent new experiences. These are grounded in rigorous analysis and cutting-edge technologies, to be as personal as they are effective. Experiences that build relationships, one interaction at a time.

Our clients are the heads of Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Commerce and IT. Our offerings are built to meet their needs. To do so we orchestrate Experience Design, Transformation Consulting, Marketing Execution, Architecture and Technology integration capabilities…all in a strong collaborative mode with them. We help our clients in:

  • Creating experiences that build relationships
  • Continuously evolving and reinventing brand purpose and proposition with their customers
  • Embracing humanity, sensitivity and intuition – grounded in rigorous analysis and cutting-edge technology
  • Delivering Agile and Scalable CX projects

Why Orbitz

The Five Key Rules

It is the quality of the user experience that ultimately tips the scales between keeping, losing, or successfully engaging a customer, employee, or partner. To keep end users happy, companies and organizations must deliver the right service at the right time, in a reliable and secured way.

We believe there are five key rules for creating successful mobile user engagement:

  • Involve the real experts in design—the end users
  • Do so by using specific design services, methodologies, and frameworks throughout the project
  • Focus on the details—simplicity and small details truly matter
  • Manage consistency with the other channels
  • Link to the required information and systems—no digital interface, however well designed, will succeed if it’s not tightly integrated with back-office systems.

To follow these rules effectively within set timeframes and budgets, you need a systematic, but creative, approach to user experience (UX). This includes:

Structured Creativity for a “You Experience”

Whether you are exploring digital transformation for consumers or introducing internal digitization to improve employee productivity, your mobile solutions must be integrated into your overall business strategy and not isolated from the rest of your organization. Orbitz can help you find the right solution to create the right experience.

Design at the Heart 

Good design is at the heart of any enterprise mobility strategy. It underpins the right policies, processes, and technologies to deliver a compelling “You Experience” for your end users.

Our comprehensive and modular design and experience services help you:

  • Understand your end users’ wants and needs
  • Define your users’ needs in a structured and holistic way
  • See how UX fits with your business strategy, what issues it resolves, and just how much business value it will create
  • Adapt your Brand Identity to include mobile as a channel
  • Design the interfaces in close collaboration with your business and IT stakeholders
  • Develop a robust “You Experience” approach with fast iteration and integration. 

Why Orbitz?

You can rely on us to deliver:

  • End-to-end mobile strategy and services to optimize your end-user experience and maximize business value
  • Effective use of agile methodology to implement innovative, UX-centered mobility projects
  • Industrialized processes, including rapid prototyping and testing, to minimize costly risk
  • End results which are innovative, but also functional and easy to use.

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