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Advanced Technology – OrbitzLLC

Advanced Technology

AI and Data Science

Leverage Data & AI’s transformative power with Orbitz’s AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has crossed the threshold of pilots, and entered the wider market. 53% of organizations have managed to scale AI projects in production – but only 13% overall have rolled out multiple AI applications across numerous teams, as per the findings of our research report – The AI Powered Enterprise: Unlocking the potential of AI at scale.

Orbitz AI, our comprehensive portfolio of AI & Analytics services, provides your organization with the ability to leverage the full transformative power of Data & AI at scale. By activating data and insights at the heart of your business, in your everyday decisions and actions, you will augment your organization’s intelligence, and amplify business outcomes you expect from Data & AI.

Data & AI for trusted business outcomes

Leading organizations are today already leveraging the transformative power of Data and AI to design and launch new products, services, business models – even creating new markets. They are also finding efficiencies, optimizing processes and reducing costs, becoming more agile so they can grasp new opportunities, and developing greater resilience to sudden crises.

Our teams have a proven track record of delivering tangible business outcomes globally and at scale, across industries and sectors:

• Increased sales
• Faster customer insights
• Better customer service
• Operational excellence
• Cost savings
• Fraud detection

Major AI-driven applications include:

• Predictive Maintenance
• Quality Inspection with Deep learning and Computer Vision
• Worker Safety
• Asset Performance Management
• Supplier Performance Monitoring
• Energy Savings
• Adaptive Scheduling and
• Digital Control Tower

We support our clients at all stages of Industry 4.0 transformation:

• Initial AI pilots like machine-learning based predictive maintenance or visual inspection for quality, delivered in a few weeks thanks to accelerators, to experiment and mobilize the organization with early successes,
• Industry 4.0 Advisory – advisory service to guide your transformation towards a platform-based Industry 4.0 Operating Model – people/process/technology
• Re-architecture of existing manufacturing systems, combining classical MES and AI-powered Intelligent Operations Platform, or improving Industrial Control Systems,
• AI Use Cases Foundry to support deployment at scale of focused Intelligent Operations use cases, including development and transfer of supporting competencies.

Blockchain Technology Development

Orbitz can help you hit the market with a newly developed Blockchain solution or revamp your existing systems. Our Blockchain Development promotes business growth while transforming companies and establishing improved business models with custom cryptocurrencies, consensus algorithms, individual nodes, and architectures.

Blockchain Security

We create blockchain security software that identifies and addresses the fundamental elements of a cross-industry standard for shared and distributed ledgers while transforming how businesses conduct transactions globally.

Public & Private Blockchain

We develop customized and protected private blockchain for businesses that process hundreds or thousands of transactions per second, as well as open, decentralized public blockchain that grants public access to the network.

Decentralized Applications (dApps)

We develop custom decentralized applications and integrate them into existing enterprise systems where businesses can leverage a protected, secure environment for collaboration and diverse business transactions.

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